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#spn stills


Accompanying piece to demon!Dean making an entrance.

Still playing around with SFX animation, this time with light and glowy effects! Normally, I dig the black wings, but white kinda works better for this one.

#spn stills

3.11 Mystery Spot


you know why charlie and castiel haven’t met?

because i am certain, without a doubt, that charlie would look at cas looking at dean, and then she would turn and look at dean looking at cas, and just know

and she wouldn’t be able to shut up about it

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Every AU is laid out for us on a freaking silver platter.

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"You never give up on family. Ever." – Dean Winchester


To celebrate a big number like 1,000 followers, you need something big in return, right? So why not tell the Winchester family’s story from pre-series up to first half of season 2, I say!

Thank you guys. For everything. This hellhoundsprey-thing makes me feel the completest I’ve felt in years. Your support means more to me than you probably think ♥.


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and I make no promises

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